Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Happy Twenty Two Tens.

portobello road/dec 30 /2019

I didn’t have an epiphany but yesterday WAS Epiphany so………. Happy New Year.

I had to say it at one point.

Welcome to the blog if you’ve never been here before, welcome back if you have.

Mary – the only reader the blog knows it has, i think she has a certificate – wished me a Happy New Year over a week ago but she also dropped a couple of questions. One of which was this; But most importantly will there be Bits and Bobs' every day?

Probably not, maybe, could be, who cares?

Mary evidently.

Mr Peter, someone that Mary knows a little, myself a little more – in the fact that i have seen his physical self as well as his myriad other incarnations – and if there is anyone else reading this blog attentively enough they will have picked up a glimpse……… Mr Peter told me two days ago that there was once a telephone number that he rang regularly at times of great stress.

It is possible that the phone number still exists but Mr Peter’s memory has since fragmentised and he no longer has direct access to that part and frankly it would be frightening to send him there to find it.

When he phoned the number he would listen to a recorded voice; temperature, normal : internal pressure, normal : external pressure, normal: gravitational cadence, normal : bias-variance, normal etc. etc.

It comforted him.

Mr Peter has found other ways to achieve the levels of reassurance that simple phone number was able to achieve, but i t set me thinking that maybe this blog serves a similar service, for me certainly, Mary perhaps and…..?

But how to do so, THIS 2020-year, considering the previous manifestations, structures and rhythms it has followed?

(I’ll leave you to remind yourself).

To cut a long story short – i have a radio script to finish, a car to repair and a head to cold to get rid of, not to mention washing up that needs attention and three cats waiting to be chased outdoors – this is what I’ve decided.

There are a couple of posts that should have been posted last year that weren’t……. hang on………. There was ONE post that should have been, that wasn’t, because i was elsewhere – away from this office (yes! Bitsnbobs has an office !!!) – and I’ll attend to that after I’ve posted this. Then when I’ve got a thought that needs expressing I’ll post it to see what it looks like on the page. If that happens more than once in any one day – probably will – then it will get done there and then, but appear as subsequent days on the blog. There are one or two bits hanging around in a file called ‘have i posted this before’ and I’ll drop them in, in-between the posts that represent something else. They, the former, may indicate that they are notthe latter in some way – i haven’t decided yet.

If I was more conceited than I am I would label that /this as my epiphany, but instead I’ll just repeat……….

Happy New Year.

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Mary said...

Dispatch from Canada ...

I am so far behind in my reading of BnB's, seems you have been very busy while I have been dealing with family illness.

Must try to catch up at some point but doubt I will be able to participate in QOTY. Hardly time to eat, sleep these days.

And yes, BnB's is a kind of therapy,a haven for the stressed and confused. A 'through the looking-glass' into a very different mindscape.

Whenever you post, daily, hourly, whatever -- I am grateful for your efforts and for the safe place your blog [what a horrible name] provides.

Happy, happy to all ...