Tuesday, 10 September 2019

It isn't surprising.

this is a picture of a pizza van but i don't have a ditty to suggest like i have for every other photo

Everywhere is pretty much too hot right now- this corridor is a case in point.

I’m only using it to get from a baking outside to an air conditioned inside, and it’s worse than anything.

I have a heat rash just writing about it.

The steering wheel in my car was too hot for my hands when I drove to town this morning, my trousers are too hot for my legs and my brain is melting.

The fair folk on the radio say that the temperature is struggling to be less than 40 degree Celsius and they are telling me not to water my tomato plants.

My tomato plants are telling me to get the hell on and do it.

Officially, it’s a heat wave.

A tropical one at that.

What’s to be done?

Well, I’m not going to can-can for a start.

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