Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A Happy New and Quiz of the Year .

turning one?

Drrrrrring Drrrring……. Drrrrrring Drrrring……. Drrrrrrinnnnggggg.

….. what the….. ?

Drrrrrring, Drrrrinnnng.

…. It’s the phone….

….who the … would ring this early ….. who are you ?

(turning of body, smile, blue eyes)

… ah, yes, i remember. Did we?… , doesn’t matter.


Are you going to answer it ?

It might be for you.

I doubt it (ripple of body, smile, blue eyes)



G’morning, It’s Bob, are you alone ?

(looking around) Yes, sigh.

Happy New Year ! 

It can’t be ! (still looking around)

It is, aren’t you up ?

Are you ?

Have been for hours, so much to do.

Really, today, now ?

There’s no moment like the moment.

True, but….

No buts, not even butter .

What are you talking about ?


Intentions ?

There like Resolutions, New Year Intentions.

And ?

No butter.

No butter ?

It slipped back into my life.

And you can do that can you ? (looking around)

What ?

Just say goodbye to something that just slipped back when you weren’t looking ?

I intend to.

Good luck.

Oh , i can be resolute.

Clearly. Are you ring ing me this cold foggy morning just to tell me this or is it part of your 2019 annoy me policy.

Boxes !!

Really ?

There’s always boxes !

Remind us.

Thank you – you know , last year we didn’t have any link-thingies. I missed them.

They’re back.

Is he up there with you ?

He ?


No idea…. I mean… No.

Where is he ?

No idea.

Is he going to pop in ?

No idea.

Talking of no ideas, maybe we should have a quiz ?

A quiz of the year ?

Yes, we didn’t do that for a bit.

At least a year, maybe more.

Let’s have one.


How many photos during the 2018 posts were not Bitsnbob’s Originals ?

That’s it ?

That’s it – the answer’s a number. Somewhere between zero and fifty three.

And the prize ?

The prize is…. (looking around)….something borrowed, something new… no, i got it. A poem !

Ok – so back to the Boxes.

Yes, the boxes.

I got some.


Thought you might want them ?

Oh – why ?

Well what’s your intention for the blog this year – last year Rounds – every Monday…


Once a week.

Nice Structure.

Last year began on a Monday, made it easy.

Today is Tuesday.

I’ve got nothing (looking around).

No intentions ?

I intend to empty these three drawers, chuck out stuff i don’t need and fill them up again.

Could that be the blog theme this year.

What do you care ?

I am the archivist.

Got anything archived.

I have  - that’s why i’m ringing ?

The boxes ?

The boxes !

What’s in them ?

Stuff you forgot.

How much stuff?

Hang on, one, two….. fifteen……39 !

It’s not a round number.

There’s a bunch of scripts.

A bunch ? How many is a bunch ?

Hang on….9.

What’s 39 plus 9.

Hang on…….,………..,six…….seven………….eight, eight………..fifty, no, 48 !

That’s not a year, i’d like a year.

There’s this.

That’s fifty. We need 52.

We needed 53 last year.

True, hang on……53 !

Maybe there are always 53 weeks in a year.

Hmmm, 39, a bunch of scripts – that could be script week.

Script week ??

In the middle somewhere.

They’ll be more scripts archived by then, this is endless you know – look you’re writing one at the moment.

This ?

No, that.

Oh yes, must finish it… we’ll need it next week.

So script week will have to be now.

Hang on, i need a Kiwi.


I need to eat a kiwi, it’s an intention. First food of the New Year.

Originally from New Zealand.

That’s neat. I like neat. An 39, plush a bunch, whether it’s a nine day week or not is not neat. Plus, there might be a Musical Christmas Calendar Thingy.

Might be?

Well, i think there’s one on a scrap of paper in one of these Three Drawers.

Better get looking, besides it SHOULD be here in The Archives, but it’s not.

OOOOh Capitals, ‘The Archives.’

They desrve capitals.

They do.

They probably had before, and you’ve just forgotten.

True, (looking around) I’ve forgotten so much.

More than you’ll ever know.

About her?

Let’s put that in the quiz too.

Good idea !! 

Ok, so  - The Quiz of The Year 2019, - How many photos… etc etc  and which song or singer did we just allude to.

Ok, look, i gotta go, what should i do with these Boxes?

Send them down, we’ll publish them.


(looking around) Me.

Bye then, did i say Happy New Year?

You just did, thanks, bye to you to and have a great day dawning yourself.


Mary said...

Happy New Year to you, HIM and the reliable and tenacious Bob! Sorry to be delayed in sending my best wishes but have been somewhat under the weather [which here in Canada usually means under 3 feet of snow] and have only now emerged from fever and chills.

Looking forward to a great 2019 BnB's!!!


popps said...

Will it , won't it ?
(be a great BnB)