Monday, 20 August 2018

Round 34.


Susan likes using the word ‘should’.

In the last three hours she has employed it seven times; her husband stopped listening after the first.

They have been married a long time, twenty or thirty years; in this time the word has been used many, many times.

Susan’s husband is thinking of getting a T-Shirt embodied with the phrase – ‘you should…’ and giving it to Susan for Valentine’s Day.

But Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago, so it will have to wait.

On Valentine’s Day they went to the local cinema and saw a film about gangsters and nasty men, after they ate in the local restaurant.

Susan chose the noodles with chicken; her husband chose the noodles with seafood.

“I should have had the seafood,” said Susan as they shared a chocolate moose.

Their son, Ronnie, came with them; he didn’t know that it was a Valentine’s Day date.

Ronnie has been playing gooseberry for a very long time.

Ronnie was named after the Great Train robber, Ronnie Biggs; Susan and her husband were watching The Great Rock and Roll Swindle just before she went into labour and they both thought it was a nice name. They were a little confused as to whether the real Ronnie Biggs was a gangster or a singer.

The younger Ronnie is a singer; he works as a waiter in the café by the station in the daytime and he sings with a band- The Charlatannies – in the evening.

There are five people in the band.

Bruce plays the saxophone and sometimes the Irish tambourine.

Gordon is the drummer.

Buster plays keyboards, which sometimes includes the piano.

Charlie plays base.

And Ronnie sings.

And then there’s Jimmie.

Jimmie is a woman.

She was not one of the original members but she joined the band on her 19th birthday; she plays lead guitar and sings harmonies with Ronnie.

Ronnie likes to work with only one microphone, so when Jimmie sings he can feel her breath on his cheek.

He can smell the shampoo she uses to wash her hair as well.

Ronnie is trying to write a song about this but for the moment he is stuck on the line, ‘my soul opens up when your breath holds me down’; it is not what he wants to say but he can’t find any other words.

“You should read more”, Susan told him when they were eating Chocolate Moose on Valentine’s Day.

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