Monday, 11 June 2018

Round 24.


Corrine is Italian, looking for an opportunity.

She lives in London.

This doesn’t explain why she was standing at the side of this French Road at 7 a.m.

But it explains why she is sitting in my car on her way to Montpellier.

I’m not going to Montpellier myself; I’m off to Toulouse.

She wanted to go to Albi, which is in the other direction.

And further from Montpellier than Toulouse.

But she needed a lift.

She is travelling with a guitar and a heavy bag.

You can’t see the guitar – it is wrapped in plastic and protective packaging so that it looks more like a Lute.

She hopes to paly it whilst she is travelling.

Trying to get to Montpellier via Albi by small country roads will give her a lot of opportunities…….


wasn't this meant to have been published two weeks ago?
no one noticed.

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