Monday, 26 March 2018

Round 13.


This place.

You wanna hear about it?

Reception area; floor – grey slabs.


In the corner, a red sofa; blue and yellow and green bananas.

You CAN sit on the bananas.

If you’re brave.

There’s a table, low, too low; you can put your coffee here.

I have a coffee.

The coffee comes from over there – at the end of the corridor.

There are people standing in the corridor, you need to push past them to get to the coffee machine.

I pushed past.

The coffee machine is in a closet in a dead end of an annexe to the corridor – it was not the architect’s priority.

It’s ours.

Between the bananas and the corridor there is a Christmas Tree, to one side.

It leans, ready to fall over; some of the baubles are too heavy.

Opposite is a metal bar – no drinks.

A secretary.

I can see her head.


Her nose.

And eyes.

Her computer screen hides her mouth.

And whether she is standing or not.

She is responsible for opening the door.

This is a challenge.

You have to pull it so you can push it, or maybe it’s the other way round.

It’s not clear.

This place…

This place is not clear.

mondays just creep up on you somedays - sorry, the ed

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