Monday, 8 January 2018

Round 2.


The island is bigger than I expect and i will not have time to explore everything today, though I have looked at a map.

The map has been folded in half, so the southwest remains closed to my understanding.

Here next to the village, is the abandoned mine.

It is of course inhabited; it is only the mining that is no longer active, though even that is a mute point.

No longer is ore drawn from the ground; inside the building music and art thrive.

Access however, is difficult.

One needs to scramble and climb; the final step, if un-practiced, is precipitous. The welcome on the other hand, is warm and strong.

Outside the rusty rails of the mine’s once-train, twist to an abrupt finish at a mound of red earth.

Inside, the floor and walls create a homely wooden embrace; it is dusty but the sunbeams dance in that dust.

From the old mine you can return by the road that runs straight from one side of the island to the other.

Or you can take the path that leads to the cliffs on the northeast corner.

Here the remnants of ancient civilization reside; they are worth the visit but the journey will take three times as long.

It will also be spectacularly beautiful.

We shall return to the village as night falls.

And here we shall dine.

It too is on the map, though the map has been folded in half and the southwest of the Island remains a mystery.


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