Thursday 21 December 2017

The Second Mary in The Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 2017

That was a VERY long night!

It was a short day, i didn't have time for ANYthing, and i got confused with my scheduling.




London Joe said...

These long night but I get short on sleep.
Saw that your favourite film is 'Casablanca'. A great choice.
Mine is probably 'A Matter of Life and Death'. I took my parents and Penny to the BFI to see it a week ago. We had a set munch (typo for lunch) and my parents both fell asleep. Dad snored. When he awoke, he said: 'What a lot of balls. As if that could ever happen'.

popps said...

Ooooh, i don't know the film Joe but if you are rating it above Casablanca i had better have a look, despite your Dad!!