Monday 25 December 2017

The Glory in The Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 2017.

We'd better do this right now!!!

The night before?

Lest we forget.

How could we forget?

The Advent Calendar has been pretty un-advent so far.

The content?

No the continuity.

It's all there.

It's meant to be there each day so folks can open the door and find something.

Yep, sorry, i got distracted.

So - we'd better do this right now!


Mary said...

Merry Christmas -- from the OTHER Mary!!!! To you, to HIM, to all of your loved ones.

Great trilogy -- thank you!

And yes, I did miss the missing ones. ;-)


PS -- Did you see the film "The Man Who Invented Christmas" about Dickens' writing of 'A Christmas Carol'. I liked it.

Mary said...

PPS -- Just listened to the Thingy for Christmas Day. This is exactly how I remember Christmas Carols when I was kid. Hark the Herald Angels Sing!!! HARK !!! Great word -- wish it would come back into fashion. Would look good in text messages. Fantastic! Mx

Mary said...

Okay - can't resist sharing one Christmas morning story -- this morning, in fact. Preparing a big roast for Christmas Dinner while preparing Christmas trifle [ with Grand Marnier, nuts and chocolate]. I take roast out of the oven and place it on the cooling rack, forgetting that the whipped cream bowl and mixer are right next to my left elbow. Well, one burnt finger and a lot of whipped cream all over me, my hair, my shoes, the floor's a slippery mess, everywhere ... and one Christmas dinner ready to go.

Have fun to all the cooks who make Xmas delicious. ;-) Mx

PPPS - did I mention I have to shovel a foot of snow before I can get my car out of the garage -- a truly joyous white Christmas!!!!!!

popps said...

Hark! Mary is with us, merry too- full of grand mariner!

popps said...

What is red and white all over?
(finger, snow and whipped cream)

London Joe said...

Merry Christmas days and good luck to all the mariners who sail in her.
Joe in Hove,
back from Wantage,
going to Catford tomorrow
Kisses and hugs all round

Mary said...

Hello again -- just to finish the Christmas trifle saga. After shovelling and loading up the car to the brim, I got half way to my brother's house which is about 40 minutes away when I realized I had forgotten the aforementioned trifle at home! :-0

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I am now going to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special.


popps said...

might bring a tear to your eye - the special, not the trifle (which clearly is also a special)

popps said...

A Happy Christmas for you Joe too, welcome aboard.