Saturday 30 December 2017

The Explanation in The Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 2017.

Ok, last day of the year tomorrow, are you packed?

I am, ready to go.

Flying off in the morning?

Mid-day, will you be ok without me?

I'll manage - remember, i have an idea for the New Year.

That's so, i think you said you were going to explain it a bit today.

That's right.

Go on then.

Ok. This blog started modestly.

It was a long time ago. One day I decided to make the thing a bit more serious and wondered what it should be.

A magazine perhaps?

Someone told you to monetize it.

I decided not to. Then I realised that I wanted it to be different.

Different to others?

Different to itself.

Innovation was the key.

I introduced a Sunday supplement.

One Christmas I did a film advent calendar.

You're not a film-maker.

Since then at Christmas there has been the Musical Advent Calendar (Thingy).

Prizes were introduced, because there had been a quiz. And there were prizes looking for a home.

So i have tried to make each year a bit different.

Sometimes - the colour of the border.

Or, what had been an occasional conversation, extended to a whole year!

Like this year!

Then because we had, it changed again.

There have been hidden pages, a story serialised within.

There have been unhidden pages with a story in series.

There have been extra pages.

And there has been stuff I have forgotten about that hopefully someone remembers.

Most of those were theme months.

The staff have doubled maybe tripled and there are unpaid imaginary employees all over the place between Scotland and Romania.

The archives have moved underground, onto a boat moored off an island, behind a waterfall and into boxes.

There has been a murder.

And a resurrection.

An answerphone was added where messages can be left if you know how.

And maybe if you don’t, especially if you don’t think you are leaving a message.

Lent has been observed.

Titles and content reversed.

Some posts were written backwards.

Or in reverse chronological order.

And some of it has just been weird. 

I agree!

So this year it has to change again.

The one or two readers need to be kept on their toes!

So this is it – a post ONLY once a week.

Why not?  After all we did three or four years of EVERY day.

Each post will be circular. More or less.

A year of rounds!

We will start, modestly.

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