Thursday 26 October 2017

No Doubt about Elves.

Barcelona Beach/September End (yes i gave money)

That picture yesterday…


Well…. Several things you CAN’T do and a couple you CAN?

That seems to be the gist.

So I CAN throw my newspaper in a bin?

It’s advisable.


Get struck by lightning I think.


If you like. Bit of a co-incidence though eh?


Today… Ms Whatisit.

Yes, what WAS she going on about?

Well lightning certainly but after that she lost me a bit. I was ok until she started on about gamma rays. I mean, I know what rays are – there are sun rays this evening, punching through the leaves of the autumn trees – and alpha and beta rays probably exist, but the last time someone mentioned gamma rays …

Was back in the Dan Dare comics, I know!

The baddy had a gamma ray gun didn’t he?

I think so.

That’s what happened in my brain, she said something about gamma rays and I was not sitting in an office in 2017 listening to her anymore – I was back in the early sixties sitting in a garden reading a comic.

You didn’t want to meet someone with a gamma ray gun, did you?

To be honest, there probably were not a lot floating around in Orpington at that time.

Except in Dan dare comics.


So........ what was she talking about?

Gamma rays.

No, besides.

The Celtic God of thunder.


That’s the fellow.

What’s he got to do with Gamma rays?

How would I know?

YOU were talking to her.

I know, but like I said… hang on...... she said something about Sprites.


And Elves…………I saw a picture; they are beautiful.

Elves……… I’ve no doubt.

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