Saturday 16 September 2017

Incoherent Limes.

the festival/august

This lime juice tastes like….


It does now; I think initially you forgot to add the juice.

Hot-water then?


I have a lot on my mind.

Really? Like?

I’m late.

The other day you said that you are never late.

It’s not my fault.

You are late and you are blaming someone else?

It’s natural.

My lime juice is hot water because someone else is late?

That’s it.



I’m being polite.

Ah, by the way – have you noticed that each time we write lime juice the grammar check signals it as a fault, and each time we correct it to limejuice, as the grammar check recommends, the grammar check signals the correction as incorrect.

Are you trying to change the subject?

No, well strictly yes, limejuice IS the subject.

No, you being late IS the subject.

What I mean is, an incoherent lime juice will help you through times of no time, better than an incomplete grammar check will help you through a time of no limes..

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