Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Shelf.


Well, well well! What are you doing here!

I’m the editor.

I know!

This is the editor’s office.

I know!

It’s my natural place to be.

Except you haven’t!

Been busy, stuff going on, people coming and going, it’s been madness.

It’s been nice and quiet in here.

Out here, we always say ‘out here’ for the editor’s office.

We do.

I do, the editor does.

Then I will too and it’s good you’ve dropped in/out I need to ask you something?

By, we always say drop by, unless it’s a case of being dropped IN the shit.

I’ll remember that.

What did you want to ask?

You know The Mue?

I doubt that but here’s the question. Someone donated this.  
mue/shelf, first landing

But they donated it ON the Table Outside, which is technically an exhibit area.


Is it a donation or someone trying to exhibit directly, in which case it wouldn't technically be a donation.?

I think it depends if they knew that The Table Outside is part of The Mue and whether or not they know The Mue even exists, I could check for you.

You could?

Yep, I happened to see the donator just before he donated and I am a hundred percent sure he is unaware of everything concerning the Mue. I can even vouch that the originally donator knows even less.

There were TWO donators? How is this possible?

I saw the original donation take place, then I saw the second person doodling on the donation before subsequently resonating.

A double donation!! It’s the first time!

It needs a special exhibit space.

You bet! The shelf above The First Landing?

There’s a shelf there?

There is now, it too was donated. 

The Donated Shelf on The First Landing that contains the first double donation at the Museum of Unexpected Donation.

In, we say ‘In the Mue’.

Of course.

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