Wednesday 30 August 2017

No photo/No post.

toulouse/one week ago

There have been more technical issues.

Again! I thought you had been on holiday.

I would have taken you with me.

That’s finally reassuring.


I quickly considered some of the alternative readings of the situation. What sort of technical issues?



I couldn’t find my camera.

Couldn’t? So you have?

I just did. I went to the car immediately after writing the word ‘camera’, moved this, moved that, unfolded another and picked up the following and bingo – there it was.

How long had it been there?

I dunno, when was our last post; a week ago?

Why and how does you not knowing where you left your camera impact the publication of these blog posts?

The photo, the photo at the top of the page; it has to be original (99 per cent of the time), preferably at least a little interesting and there has to be one with each post.


They are all stored in the photo archive.

There’s a photo archive?

There are two, one in the camera and another in the bowels of Bob’s boxes in the archives squirrelled away in the subterranean caverns od Mid Lothian.

No photo, no post?

And no post, no photo.

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