Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lavender, dying sunglasses and a pair of spectacles.

the band/the field/wednesday

Have you seen my glasses?

No, did you have them last night?

I should have had them last night, but I can’t remember.

Could you see the band?

I walked up to the stage.

That was dangerous; there were a lot of swirling dancers.

It was beautiful; and then there were coloured lights and raging black skies that suddenly cleared.

Raging black?

It looked like a storm would crash and send us all running.

There were over 800, that would have been a lot of running.

It would have been ok, they had placed little lights into the soil among the lavender bushes lighting the way.

The lavender smelt fantastic in the evening air.

Even the failing sunflowers added a certain majesty to the night.

True, but sorry, I haven’t seen your glasses.

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