Thursday 22 June 2017

All's The Pity.

round the corner/last Friday

You know that because of what you said on Monday, people will be awaiting the next list.

A-waiting? I haven’t heard anyone say that since my Grandmother was still alive.

You should get out more.

Oh come on! No one speaks like that today.

I do.

You’re an anachronism.

You take that back sir!

An acronym then.

How can I, I’m me!

There you go – M.E. – meddlesome elf.

Elf, I like that, now, where’s this list?

I haven’t even started.


It’ll take an age.

What have you been doing then?

I went for a swim.


I made some bread.

Quite the hive of industry.

And I’ve been listening to the radio.

Must have been exhausting.

It’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Sgt Pepper album you know.


The BBC have put together this extensive look at all the different characters featured on the album cover.

Yep, he gets a moment or two. It’s like opening a drawer that’s full of everything you treasure but have long forgotten, but at the same time discovering something put there by someone else and realising you really need it.

You needed Albert Stubbins?

We ALL need Albert Stubbins.

Bobbing and weaving?

That’s the ticket.

That’s the ticket? I don’t think people say that today either. I’m not sure your Grandmother even said that.

My Grandmother never said anything; she just sat there in her red- wool arm chair watching through her national health lenses.

I don’t think anyone says national health lenses today either.

All’s the pity.

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