Tuesday 13 June 2017

A better man than I.

Toulouse France/Last Thursday

Did you know him?

A little.

Similar age.

Close enough to cause me great concern.

Better climb that mountain; cross that valley, swim that sea.

I went swimming two days ago, I will again tonight.

Then have a beer?

I met him in a pub; he was doing a magic show and he made a full glass of wine appear from thin air.


That’s what I told him; I said I had read about the trick in one of my magic books but couldn’t believe it could be done.

It could.

There was a secret.

A secret!



As truly as I stand here.

As he doesn’t.

I met him again later at a festival; he knew Spikey Norman.

He knew Spikey Norman! NO ONE knows Spikey Norman.

He did; he said he liked him.

That’s an honour.

It certainly was, he was by far a better man than I.

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