Thursday 8 June 2017

3 Monts and The Clear fresh air of Dawn.

Toulouse France/This evening

Did you notice the hot air balloon hanging over the mountains in the fresh clear air of dawn?

I certainly did, and before that I saw the dear eating the wild flowers of the meadow, still covered with dew.

And this evening?

I saw the waters of the west-rushing river tumbling from other, more distant mountains, but I saw the snows on their peaks too.

Did you see the guy playing the double base?

I stopped and listened.

What about the saxophone?

Across the road in front of the bar?

That’s the one.

He was playing softly.

Softly like the evening breeze?


Did you smell the spices on the corner by the Indian restaurant?

From across the street.

Did you eat there?

I was tempted, but I was still fasting; I went for a crêpe.

Not fasting any longer?

I just bought an ice-cold beer and taken a swig; it’s perfect.

3 Monts?

3 Monts.

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