Saturday 20 May 2017

The Racist.

Toulouse France/Yesterday Evening

He was a grumpy git.

He’s French.

That’s a bit racist isn’t it?

Why? I’m just telling you he’s French.

You weren’t saying that he’s grumpy because he’s French?

No, I wasn’t ……….. though to be honest, it could always be a contributing element.

So you are saying…

No I’m not, stop putting words into my mouth. YOU said he was grumpy, I said he is French, it’s not even the same tense.

What’s that got to do with it?

What has anything got to do with anything? It’s all random.

He WAS grumpy though.

He was.


Because we walked into his shop?

You’d think he would want some customers.

Obviously not.

Was it because we bought something?

You’d think he be happy to make a sale.

I don’t get it.

Perhaps because he had to move to get the bag?

We didn’t ask for a bag.

Perhaps he remembered the word service.

How much was it?

17 euro fifty cents.

How much did you give him?

20 euro.

What did he say?

‘Haven’t you got any change?’

What did you say?

‘Haven’t you? Isn’t this a shop, isn’t that a till?”

Maybe that was why he got grumpy.

He was grumpy before we walked in.


He’s French.

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