Monday, 22 May 2017

The Kingfisher, Pizza and a tattoo.

here/morning/last week

What was that?

That was a Kingfisher.

And who was that?

That’s was the woman who sells the garlic and saffron tapenade.

She waved.

I’m an occasional customer.

And how many tattoos does the woman bathing have?

There’s one on her ankle, and one on her shoulder, so two at least.

This is an interesting place to sit.

The confluence of two streams.

Is that the right word?



I think I hear it one in connection with the ocean.

This isn’t the ocean.

It will be.

Look, there goes the man that sells pizza.


Dennis? Is he English?

Let’s get a baguette.

I’m making bread today, the loaf of three flours.

Cool, let’s go back and buy the 1952 diary.

Feeling nostalgic?

It’s an empty page.

Cinema tonight?

Why not.

What’s on?

We should eat something Italian then before we go.

That follows.


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