Sunday, 7 May 2017

Nervously Predictive.

SW France/Last weekend

Are you nervous?

A bit.

You made a prediction.

Are you nervous about your prediction being wrong?

I’m not nervous about it being wrong, I’m nervous IF it’s wrong.

What’s making you nervous?



Especially French ones.

Something start this?

The English.

Do you want to explain this?

I heard someone say – ‘I’ve been a Labour supporter all my life but I just can’t vote for them with Corbyn as the leader. So I’m voting for….’

The Devil?

It felt a bit like that. I don’t get it, either you support the goals of socialism or you don’t. You can’t just….

Turn to the Devil?


Happens every day.

People are fickle.

Aren't you worried about the guy who sold the airport to the Chinese?

I am.

The Devil you know, the Devil you don't.

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