Thursday, 4 May 2017

Blue Chickens and Stamps.

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What do you think about chickens?

Most days, not a lot to be honest. I mean I like them… but I have been known to eat them. I feel a bit bad about eating something I like.

Would you rather eat something you don’t like?

That’s not what I mean.

What DO you mean?

I want to eat what I like but not eat something I feel attachment to.

I think Buddhists say attachment is a no-no in ALL cases.

Am I a Buddhist?

Is this conversation going anywhere?

It’s going to go on the blog, once it’s finished.

I’ve finished.

No you haven’t.


You haven’t – you haven’t answered my question.

I have!

Look, I’m thinking of getting some chickens and I want your opinion.

Chickens? You must be crazy! This is an office!

I’ve got a dog.


Well, if I can have a dog, I can have chickens.

He might chase them.

I’ll teach him not to.

You can’t even stop him eating your shoelaces.

He’ll grow out of it.

You’ll need a chicken hutch.

I’ve found one.


In the village: in the antique shop.

There’s an antique shop in the village?

It’s an antique village.

What colour is it?

The village?

No: the hutch.


Blue is good, does it have four little legs to stand on?

The chicken?

The hutch!


Get it, get some new shoelaces too whilst you’re out.

I’ll get a chicken too.

That’s MY job.


Mary said...

Hi - take a break from the madness...

Check out this new crop circle in Wiltshire. Great music. Created by Humans for the enjoyment of Aliens, I think ;-)

Mary x

popps said...

Mary - are you suggesting that I and the blog have gone mad?

Mary said...


Not at all. I'm saying that

it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

You, me,... the blog are relatively sane.


popps said...

My mum did a personality test as part of her teacher training and they told her that she was so normal she was abnormal.