Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Swings, Roundabouts and a Goat.

Madrid/March 2017

You’ve been to this park before.

Back in the day, but I only ever saw the lake.

You didn’t walk through the cave under the waterfall?


That was an oversight.

I met the man with the goat.

He’s still here, but he sells paintings now.

In a way.

So you didn’t go to the crystal palace back in the day?

There was no need, we were the crystal palace.

A bit presumptuous, no?

We were full of artistic pain (pane, pane of glass, get it?)

And there was the puppet lady.

A detail.


Would be nice, it’s a presumed theme of the year. But, no.

A moment in time?

Like today, but this time it’s significant.

Off to the rose gardens then?

They won’t be in bloom, but let’s walk under the cherry and almond blossom.

With the parrots.

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