Sunday, 26 March 2017

Trouble Hanging the Guernica.


It’s big!

It’s important.

I’d have trouble hanging that in my kitchen.

You’d have trouble hanging it anywhere; it’s a Spanish Icon.

I’m an icon.

That, you most certainly are not sir.

It’s black and white; didn’t he have any coloured paints?

It’s meant to be black and white.


I don’t know, maybe because he wanted to express the stark brutality of the massacre.

Maybe I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen.

Like I said, they wouldn’t let you. It only came here once Picasso felt that the democratic situation was stable.

It’s a nice place to be, it’s a nice gallery.

I like the inner courtyard.

I could sit there and read my book.

No time, we have to look in the Dali room.

And the MiróI like Miró.


He had colour paint.

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