Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Trolly-Dolly on a Barstool.

Madrid/March 2017

And was she there?

Who? Where?

The tall lady, you mentioned her yesterday – at the venison and sanglier slaughter.


Was she?

Oh yes, the tall lady, to give her capitals. She was.



The uniform?

Ah, yes, sorry, so much has happened since yesterday.


Yes! Well…., ok , not a lot in fact.


She is an ex- airhostess, though she didn’t describe herself thus.

How did she?

She said she had been a trolly-dolly.

A trolly-dolly?

Her words, not mine.

An air-steward?

That’s it.

A trolly-dolly huh?

Apparently, maybe it’s in-house terminology. She said she was recently retired, I asked her why.


She said it was time. But she was at a hiatus, it had only just happened. She was sitting on a bar stool when she told me this.

What did you say?

I asked her if she had a flying advantage or discount as an ex-trolly-dolly.

And does she?

Yes. One free flight a year, the rest at ten percent of the price, but she has to pay the airport tax on top.

So she can go wherever she pleases?

It seems.

Not much of a hiatus in my book.

Nor mine.

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