Thursday, 19 January 2017

Curious Curating

the garden/one wet day


Hi, Bitsnbobs – the Bits with the Bobs hotline, how can I help?

Hi, it’s me.

Bob! It’s good to here from you, BitsnBobs just wouldn’t be the same without you!

No, it would be BitsnBOB, I guess. Is he in?

The gov?


Naye. Only me.

I wanted to talk about the Mue.

Ah, yes? That’s me.

You want me to be a co-curator?

If you would.

I’d like to, but it’s a mess you know.

I know, that’s the whole idea – together we’ll un-mess it.

Could take a lifetime.

That’s how long we’ve got.

Ok, do I get a hat or something?

A badge.

Can I see it?



That’s decided then?

It is.

Ok have a great day.

You too, give him my love.

I will, say hi to the twins.

Wilko, bye.


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