Monday, 2 May 2016

To buy a fat pig.

or this

Fresh Marjoram.
Picked that morning, still wet with dew.
A bunch of freshly picked rocket.
One loaf of sough dough bread.
Spring onions.
A bunch.
A dozen free range organic eggs – I’ve had two scrambled for brunch already.
A fistful of fresh coriander.
A slab of Papillon Roquefort, and a slab of Grande Reserve Comté.
Tomatoes to plant.
Courgettes to go alongside.
Gariguettes, the best!
One box.
Have to be controlled.
A slice of raspberry crumble, what the hell eh?
A brown bag full of asparagus spears.
Oranges from Portugal.
Sesame seeds, coriander too.
Slivers of flaked almonds.
Three large shiny aubergines.
A glass of espresso, just to take me home.
And three home-made chocolate and mango sponge cakes.
They were all alone waiting for someone.



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