Wednesday 6 April 2016

The Drawkcab Chronicle - The Dne. Or The Beginning.

give us time to work it out
all the others


It’s a fine way to go backwards!

Sat on the Tube watching people fall asleep and thought about the last twenty-one years.

It was fitting that it was raining.

Didn’t realise that this was also a goodbye until the springtime.

Stood outside the Tube station in the rain saying goodnight.

Dropped in the lift, watched the football on the screen and missed the tumbling view.

Left the restaurant.

Took your picture.

Ate duck on a waffle topped with an egg, covered in maple syrup. Better than it sounds.

Hurtled up to the fortieth floor in the lift. The city lights cascading away.

Followed those who knew to the foot of the tower.

Left the station.

Bought a card. Not yours.

Drank a second glass of wine.

Arrived at station.

Walked through city streets.

Took your picture.

Drank first glass of wine.

Tried not to see you buying my birthday present. (not the same you).

Bought David’s C.D. but only because the vinyl were sold out. Good career move?

There were many.

Didn’t go into the Indian restaurant despite the invitations.

Said ‘see you later’.

Saw a fox.

Mended your bike.

Visited your room.

Left the tube.



Got ill.

Left too fast, ate too quick, ate too richly.

Birthday cake.

Scrambled egg and salmon.

Watched you open your present.

Sang happy birthday.

Watched you sleep.




Woke up.


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