Tuesday 19 April 2016

Sometimes a letter.

old c/new c

How good is that?!

i just sat down to munch some scrambled eggs and salmon and i flicked the tele on and it was the start of Football Focus!

so i thought i'd get some chocolate too

and my laptop

and drop a line


i sometimes get to work with people from Pierre Fabre, a cosmetic  company
and very rarely at their BelAir centre which is on the edge of Lavaur - a little town out there among the fields and valleys of the Tarn

there's a woman works there who is pretty scared about English
but i think it's mainly because her pony tail is just too tight
'cos in fact she knows all the lyrics of Iron Maiden.

What more do you need?

Her office is at the end of a residential road that turns into a track that goes to the maize fields and just along there there's a junk shop.

It's set back from the road, easy to miss and this time i remembered 
and slipped in for a look.

It's an old factory or garage that starts as a workshop for the owner who is stripping some furniture

then it gets a bit more haphazard and has a few piles that need a rummage
and some really interesting boxes off stuff and then as you get further in it's a bit more abandoned

and forgotten

and it's cheap.

and i have been saving it until today to open it and have a look at the pieces.

I'll give you a chance to do the same when you come

this is what the instructions say
(loosely translated)

You've been invited to a wedding. To help you take part you receive a car, 60,000 Francs, a cheque, a mandate, a petrol coupon, a spare wheel and some business cards.

Begin at the start, in any direction you want. Advance one square without throwing a dice  or as many squares as you can from throwing either or both of the dice, up to you. If you get a double play again.

Take your driving test when you can by answering three questions.

Build a family, buy a present for 20,000 Francs once the family is complete.
get rich by cashing the cheque and the mandate at the bank or post office or by overtaking everyone else or selling them your petrol and spare wheel.

Win if you are the first to arrive with a complete family,a present and a 100,000 francs.

had to share this with someone.....


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