Tuesday 26 April 2016


part of something, tell u later

He’s my friend, but I don’t understand him.

Some things I can’t countenance.

He will eat road-kill.

I know it makes sense, but I found a hedgehog in the road today, a hedgehog that had been killed by a car.

I stopped.

I carefully picked him up and lay him somewhere soft and protected, placed a flower on his back.

Maybe it was a her.

The last thing I would have done is taken it home to eat.

He’s interested in chess-boxing, he would like to do it.

I’m intrigued, but no way.

When I was about seven a neighbour’s son told me to put on some boxing gloves; we were playing together.

Then he hit me on the nose.

I cried.

I like chess.


1 comment:

London Joe said...

give me the boy at seven, and I'll give him a bloody nose (A Jesuit)