Monday, 11 April 2016

Daffodils and Seaweed. (one year ago)

one week ago

My car smells of daffodils and fresh ground coffee – it is springtime and i have just been at the market. 

This weekend I had been fasting so the chicken roasting on the open spit smelt illicitly beautiful, as did the potatoes cooked in goose oil that the sausage man was serving hot and steaming. 

I settled though for two Okarami – squashed sushi things – which the Vietnamese lady sells.

As with everything once you have been fasting, the delight in eating again comes first from smelling the aromas rising from the food.

I had already experimented nasaly with the strawberries and melon that the fruit ladies were offering but my senses confirmed that it is still too early in the season for these to be ripe and succulent; the clocks moved forward only last night. 

The Okarami however smelt of distant oceans and the fresh tide-pools of my childhood. 

I ate them in the car, unable to wait.


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