Saturday 26 March 2016

Night Time Note Book.

a dussel blue

Nothing will EVER be nothing - ever again.
Make something from nothing.
You don’t get anything for nothing.
Nothing better.

Over the bridge you can take upper way or lower.

At this time of day, the lower way should be safe

But it will be dark.

Don’t take the road to the left of the river, cut through the estate.

It’s a dead end but there is a wrought iron spiral staircase.

It’s been there since Brunel’s days.

At the top you cross the landing of the Irish woman, her dog will not attack as long as you admire the treadle mill that she has lovingly maintained.

The door leads to a corridor, the man will not question as you cross his room – but do NOT look into his eyes.......

The story starts in Danish.
Even if you don’t understand the words, persevere with its reading.

It changes into your language when you need it too.


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