Tuesday 15 March 2016

I hate this place.


From this window you can see no hills,

a distant tree line,

and a building crane.

Both are waiting; the trees for Spring, the crane for someone who needs to work.

On the grass below, concrete slabs wait for people who need to sit.

On the far side, the concrete has been shaped and deformed to look like soggy egg-boxes. It is not clear whether they are for sitting, lounging or sleeping.

No-one is choosing to do either, or any.

A strip of gravel runs across the grass, allowing people to walk.

Tracks show that some have tried to cycle.

The gravel is too thick so the tracks stop before halfway; a girl is walking there now.

Her scarf is the same colour as her trainers.


The gravel is silver grey.

She disappears into the building below.

She is followed by a man, the bald patch on his head matches those on his jeans.

Beyond, there is a decorative pool; it is not deep.

In the middle of the pool is a steel sculpture.

Water and steel.


A man is standing next to the pool, he is talking into his phone.

His right hand is in his pocket; he may be left handed.

To the left of the pool stands an oak tree, a bike leans against it.

The shadows of the branches reach across the gravel path.

Arms and fingers towards the grass.



Mary said...

I think I understand what is going on, the AB and the INTs, but when you say you 'hate' this place, where is there? Looks like a series of parking garages, rooftops and abandoned industrial sites. Not much of a holiday, I should think. Any pics of King's Court and the Great Hall?

Reminds me -- Did you ever see Ed Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes documentary:


-- beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

BTW - Ed was born and raised just a few miles from where I live now in Niagara.


popps said...

Ints/ABs - stupid really isn't it?
Could just do Ps
And say nothing....
By the way when it says NO - on a photo- it means This ISN'T The Place
And i can't say where it is in case someone sees, but the description is it.

And no i haven't (seen manufactured landscapes) - but would like to.
Going to have some tea now though.

Mary said...

"can't say where it is in case someone sees" !!!!!

Maybe I'm not understanding. Who will 'see' and why are we worried that they will?

So far this year you're somewhere between esoteric and experimental which is probably a good thing. You're clearing out the backlog, allowing 'fragments' to stand, and testing what the blog technology is capable of.

All good -- having fun.


popps said...

Ah - the people who sent me there might see it!
so esoterically experimental?
Yep, i can live with that.