Tuesday 22 March 2016

Glad i spent it with you.


Drrrrrrrrring. Drrrrrrrrrrrring, Drrrrrrrin…..

Hello, BitsnBobs …. Editorial Content speaking…..

Oh, hello, er, I expected an answerphone, i…

This the Editorial Content answerphone, please leave a message after the toner….

Oh, er, I thought..;

Yes, I’m just kidding, the answerphone is out of order at the moment, we’re re-parameterizing the thing.

Is that difficult?

Po! I should cocoa. How can I help?

I was ringing about the film reviews.

The film reviews? ….. What film reviews?

Exactly, there haven’t been any recently. There are meant to be film reviews.

There are?

Who is this?

Your conscience.

Oooooh, I don’t like the sound of that, but as it happens I have a film review right here.


Yes – A Perfect Day.

Is that the film with Tim Robbins?

It is, and he is excellent in it.

How come?

Age. Experience has given him a lightness of gravitas that is a joy to behold. He’s funny too.

What’s it about?

How can you say for sure if it’s not your film?

True – but have a go.



Yep, fish. It’s NOT about fish.


But there’s a lot of water in it, and at the end it rains which seems to be deeply significant, but I didn’t get it. Probably because of Marlene Dietrich.


She was signing. The soundtrack, by the way, was great – I might buy it.

This isn’t really helping, can you be more critical.



But I’d recommend it. The tale – aid workers trying to re-establish well supply in a recent conflict zone – is well told, but the art of the thing is the set pieces of good actors talking to good actors.


Could have been, but film makes it so more real.

Underlying themes?

Coming to terms with the past, helping people towards a future, doing the right thing, suspicion, revenge….

A Perfect Day!



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