Thursday 3 March 2016

Cat in The Attic (2) - (AB/34)

available in three box sizes

Do you remember the attic?

The attic, and the coffee and the man waiting for words but dreaming of coffee?

Something happens, I don’t know how to explain it other than ‘one of those things’.

The man stands up, stretches in much the same way as the cat had done before (if you remember that) and he too slips out of the room.

The stairs are old and they creak as he descends their winding way until he too stands outside Mary’s door, as the cat had previously.

You (the reader) don’t know Mary, you only know that she makes coffee.

And that the café smells good.

But you know this door.

It is older than the house, stood here before the house was even thought of, and will stand here long after the house itself has gone.

The man knocks on the door.

The sound is deep, as if coming from a long way away and a soft voice answers; ”one moment”.

The house around him seems to be holding its breath; somewhere, as if in a memory, a cat meows.

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