Friday 12 February 2016

May The Fifth Be With You - An Archive Backlog far far away

you is anyway.
(previously published someplace else)

I don’t see my son very often.

Months go by.

Maybe a year.

It feels like at least two or three years have gone by in fact.

And then he’s there.

He won’t be here long – even today he was leaving again this evening until an hour ago when I realised it was worth making him something to eat.

And we sat outside by the fire as the day faded, and we spoke.

About the Cannes film festival.

And a director I didn’t know.

And his work.

And I saw something new about him.

Then we spoke about his childhood and the songs we sang.

And we sang them again.

And we got onto forgiveness, and that lead to anger and it took in Psych Trance along the way.

I still don’t know what that is.

But we spoke about age.

And opportunity.

And I realised that I hadn’t seen him for a long time and that we had never spoken like this before.

And we got onto education, and hope and history and personality and the world and all that lies in it.

And i thought – a lot can happen in a couple of years.

And I thought – this is good.

And then he picked up the empty bottle of red wine and said; “what are you doing?” .

And I said; “I’m watching the fire and the moon.”

And he asked; "what?”

And I repeated; "the fire and the moon.”

And he went into the house.

And I sat here.

And the cricket sang.

The frogs called.

And an owl hooed.


London Joe said...

x thank you for this

popps said...

thank you for saying thank you.