Tuesday, 16 February 2016

An occasional interrupt to the unblocking of the archival backlog.

ain't no sunshine

There’s a lot of stuff that goes on here at Bitsnbobs – the blog with the scenes – that you never get to see.

Because it goes on behind them.

Sometimes it may be a sleepless night or an endless day: sometimes it will be a packet of four frozen chocolate éclairs.

Buckets of coffee and gallons of deep red wine are consumed.

As are frozen chocolate éclairs.

Sometimes together!!

And always, always, there are sweat and tears shed.

These are kept in the tears and sweat shed, should anyone need to irrigate their tomatoes.

If you don’t believe any of this then we can show you the scars.

And the tomatoes.

Though you will need to make an appointment.

Yep – this is the blog with an appointment book.

And an answer phone.

An e-mail inbox.

And an archive.

Last year, when he was here, the blog took the form of a back and forth conversation.

At least one of the participants went crazy and is now hospitalised.

The other already was.

Whilst all that was unfolding the sub-editor (yes the bog has one of them too) decided as an experiment if he could write a year's worth of posts in advance.

He couldn’t.

He wondered if he could write enough worth to give the next year, this year, a distinct appearance, one that looked different from the preceding year. He was looking for a magic number. 12. 52. 

Something like that. 

24 might have worked, or 13, or maybe 26.

She couldn’t and didn’t.

Yep, this blog has a sub-editor of undefined gender.

We don’t know how, but all of that work ended up in The Archive.

We don’t even know how it is that we have an archive for this stuff to end up in.

The Archive is stored in a bunch of boxes in a number of old railway carriages at the back of a disused railway station near loch Lomond in McScotland.

Or its in a old fisherman’s hut on one side of a subterranean lake at the end of a tortuous passageway that runs from behind a waterfall at the back of a disused railway station in McScotland.

The Archive is looked after by Bob.

Anywhichway and however, it’s North of here.

Way North.

And a lot of people are looking after it.

And sending us bits.

So that they can be joined to the bobs.

And we get a post.

Hang on..... I need another éclair.

And a sip.


Yes Bitsnbobs – the blog that burps!

Incidebntly, er, no, incedently… no… incidentally.... incidentally if you have read more of this blog than is healthy for you, you will have noticed that there is a reoccurring leitmotif that occurs from re to re.

‘Bitsnbobs – the blog with/that.’

There is a dedicated team that has been missioned with finding them all and putting them into an Almanac.

Or something similar.

They are ferretting away as we write.

Yep! Bitsnbobs – the blog that ferrets.

Anyway, we wanted to point this out so that everyone would understand what an Archival Backlog is and why it’s appearing here and there, and mostly here.

I, er, we.. silly… tried to explain it already, but in case you missed it  -or don’t know that you can follow a link by clicking on the words in red – we thought we’d clear it up. (And it seems that the posted link hasn't been working for a while.)

Besides, Ms Penny asked us to clarify it.

It is, of course, our pleasure to accord her whim – we are still gobsmacked to find out that Ms Penny is alive again, having previously been declared dead at least on one occasion.

The typesetters here at Bitsnbobs – yes, the blog with them too – have set the type of the Archival Backlog Posts to italic to aid recognition of such, and we have signed the international agreement of unitalic to identify the daily output that will occasionally interrupt the unblocking of the archive backlog.

Like today.

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