Saturday 23 January 2016

Putting the Fun into Funeral - part three of an extended Archival Backlog Interlude.


I had a chat with my daughter about funerals.

We had attended one together recently.

Though it wasn't our first.

She sent me an e-mail with here thoughts.

I hope i can quote her.

" I think they should be like a little power point with the persons best photos, funny memories, maybe some funny videos and then music and drinks and cake and everyone remembering the nice things about the person. Thats how I want mine to be like anyway :) "

She shouldn't be thinking about her own at the moment.

But she's right.

There should be cake!

 (quiz of the year)


London Joe said...

Am goung to a funeral in Italy soon for a 24 year old young woman...
There had better be cake, because we are going to need it


popps said...

Too young, way too young.. sorry