Thursday 14 January 2016

At Night near The Coliseum -The Archive Backlog 4

it's a rose

If you find yourself by the half ruined Coliseum, you are too far inland and you will need to turn toward the coast.

You MUST follow the coast.

There will be jugglers in the Coliseum and you can climb to see them.

They too are climbing, chairs will be stacked, fire thrown and summersaults too.

It will be dusk, so the flames will attract you, like a moth.

But there will be too many people.

Follow the cobbled way along the river until you come to the old post box; you can pay here.

You will have to stand on the wall to open the mechanism and the door will try to throw you into the water below.

You will learn this by trial and error.

At the cross roads cross by the old mechanical clock, as it is dusk, the owner will be storing the figures but you will recognise the bells.

From here you will see the sea.

It will be a long way below where you are and the most direct way is steep.

It is not a nice place to walk, too fast and too dangerous but it will take you there.

You will see the lighthouse on the point as you descend.

Pass through the empty fish market. Do not fall in the drying nets.

Now follow the sand.


London Joe said...

I dunno, Topps.
This is hard for me, a mere tourist in da land of Bits'n'Bobs.
I had Christmas night in Harlem, in Washington. There was snow outside so I had one more Christmas beer then I came home to Darlene.

London Joe said...

How was your time here in London Town?

I know you passed by The Colosseum and sat on some Walterton stairs


popps said...

I saw a beautiful mosaic floor your folks had a hand in (and possibly a foot upon)!