Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Dream in April- the Archive Backlog 9

wouldn't take him here either

There are many ways to wake up and many different dreams to leave behind as you do so.

Some could feature that guy that you respect and despise in equal servings; him giving you directions to the waterfalls that he loves but has never actually seen and doesn’t really know where to find.

But you should take your wellington boots with you ‘cos it’s sure to be muddy.

You were planning to climb the mountain anyhow but have left it too late for today so you will head for the cinema instead.

You will learn that this guy is going to the cinema too and will go there with his wife, who isn’t his wife, and with whom  - together - you don’t want to be.

So it’s probably time to wake up anyway.

To jazz?

A difficult choice at the best of times - but played too loudly and selected from the Avant-Garde side of the spectrum it is probably a mistake.

Still, it’s nice to hear the hi-fi system being used once again.

I just wish it were in another room.

The Archive Backlog

(quiz of the year) last week!


Mary said...

To the Birthday Boy ...

some Simon and Garfunkel songs [not the most famous perhaps] that I love -- my gift to you on your special day:
"April Come She Will"

and then listen to this one:
"Kathy's Song"

and then this one:
"For Emily"

and finally:
"Old Friends/Bookends"

My wish for you... Be Happy.


popps said...