Wednesday 9 December 2015

The BsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 ( nine)

You know what’s good about this Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy?

The title?

Well, it’s certainly snappy but that’s not what I was thinking.

The witty repartee?

Well… no, that neither.

I’ve got it! The music?

No, no .... though we try.

Try our patience, you mean - it's been a right old rag bag so far and hardly 'christmassy'.

That's a matter of opinion.

Which is what you asked me for.

True, anyway - as i was saying - it’s the fact that sometimes, once in a blue moon of a month of Sunday’s someone writes in and says – ‘hey, this should feature in the thingy.’

They call it that?

What would you call it?

The whatsit probably.

The Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Whatsit…. Hmm… no, thingy has more, er, um…



So someone suggested something? That’s good – it takes the pressure off of us.

It happened once before – back here (editorial note t)

Ah – Mary!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Mary.

This blog wouldn’t be this blog without Mary!

Nothing would be anything .. listen, let’s not get carried away.

Yes, we have a whatsit to publish.

A thingy.

Exactly…… so…?

Well, when a suggestion comes in it has to go to the verification vehicle.

There’s a verification vehicle?

There is – it’s got a new door.


Yes, there was an accident it smashed the door…. But everything’s ok now.

How does it work?

Like most doors.

No, I mean the verification vehicle.

Oh .. well… you take the suggestion, sit in the verification vehicle and shut the door.

The new door?

All of them.

How many are there?


It sounds like a car.


And then?

You listen to the suggestion on a loop.

You could go loopy.

It’s a risk – but the staff are/is trained.

The loopers?

The jesters.


It comes from the word ‘reject’.

And this one didn't get 'jested'.


Who suggested it?


Two years ago.

Wow! Elephants or what? Thanks Dave.

Yep, thanks.


DaveESLetc said...

Boyoboy. I don't know if it means I'm getting old or what, but here's what just transpired in my head.

(O, Chris posted a comment on my blog, I should go check out his blog. A musical advent calendar, nice. Hey, Frightened Rabbit! One of my favorite bands! What are the odds that I should visit his blog on the very day that he post one of their songs?!? Hey, someone named Dave recommended this. What a coincidence. Oh. It was me. Absolutely no recollection.)

Anyways. Great song. :)

And thanks for checking out my blog, even though it's pretty much deceased. Between no longer teaching and having a baby, I don't really touch it. It's basically archival at this point.

popps said...

Yep! You're getting old and now you have a baby you'll wake up in what feels like about five minutes to find you have a young adult.
If you think it went quickly before......

Mary said...

It took me 9 days but I finally noticed that the 'snappy' title includes 'Bs n Bs'. Not sure you intended it the way that I have taken it, but it gave me a 'coffee squirting out the nose' laugh. Thank you.

PS to DaveEsl -- good song!


popps said...

Mary - much though i'm happy to activate your nose i think it was inadvertently this time.
What on earth do you see in BsnBs that i am missing?

Mary said...

I feel like Russell Crowe in ABeautiful Mind -- seeing patterns everywhere. Well everyday since Dec. 1, I looked at BsnBs which I often refer to as BnB's [reminiscent of a style of accommodation], and sometimes, to myself, I think of it as 'Bitsy Bob's' -- don't ask me why. But with Bs n Bs I thought you had planted BS twice into the longish Thingy 2015 title but it appears that it was unintended. accident. Very cute really.

And am enjoying my morning winter and soon holiday-inspired song selected especially for your readers. 15 degrees here so not very wintry or holiday feeling right now.


popps said...

I'm lost - what is funny about BS?
What does it mean in your eyes/mind/warped sense of humour?
BsnBs = BitSnBobS

or Bums?

Mary said...

BS is an extremely common, everyday expression in North America -- being the politically correct and TV-friendly short form of BullSh*t. [NOTE - * is inserted in case any small children are reading this.] Usage examples -- 'That's BS', 'Don't give me any BS, 'Donald Trump is full of BS', 'Cut the BS', Political speeches often referred to as 'the usual BS'. How do you say it 'bullocks'?

So what is funny about BS? Well, everything. And BS n BS is funny times 2. The fact that you used it as a short form for Bits n Bobs without realizing the widespread [and I mean truly ubiquitous - there are books written about it] use here in the non-Queen's English part of the English speaking world adds another dimension.

Does this make me warped or, in any way, special? No - just North American.

So coming full circle -- if we were to insert your word, the theme would be - The B[ullock]s n B[ullock]s Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy [I love that word] 2015.