Thursday 24 December 2015

The BsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (twenty four)

I was surprised by yesterday’s choice.

Surprise is good.

But it was so, classic!

Not classic classic - it wasn’t Bing.

That would have been cliché.

Cliché is as cliché is – Bing was my first Christmas song memory – my mum had an old 78 version. I’ve been resisting putting it in the Thingy each time the thingy has Thinged.

Three times so far.

Four and counting.

So today?

Well it’s all about the segue between dreams and revelation.


That’ll be the 25th  -we have to prepare the ground for a Christmas Morning special.


With reflection.


London Joe said...

Bong Crisby, yeah I get it.
But at our house, we would listen to Nat King Cole, Dean Martin."Canadian Sunset". Not very Christmassy, but ah, nostalgic

Joyeux Christmas Day

popps said...

Ain't what it used to be though eh?