Wednesday 2 December 2015

The Bsnbs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (two)

You know how we were just saying that the creation of the Bsbbs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy is an endeavour that demands a lot more work than meets the eye?

I do, it was yesterday I believe.

That’s so. Well, here is a case in point.

An example?

Exactly. We said that we couldn’t repeat a song that had featured in a previous BsnBs Christmas musical Advent Calendar Thingy.

Well, to be honest it was you what said it, but I’m happy to be included in that royal we.

Of course, we can repeat a SONG, just not the version – we have many a Silent Night over the years.

You should try talking to yourself, I find it helps.


With the silent nights.

Oh, yes, ok. Well, there I was, researching, and I came across a cracker.

A cracker?

Yes, but here I mean something brilliant not something you pull which goes snap.


No, a really good song for The Thingy.

Can we call it that now, The Thingy, we are only on day two?

It’s a lot easier.

It is. Let’s do it.

So, I found a great song for The Thingy but then I researched previous Thingies and found that it had been in a Thingy before.

Hang on, maybe Thingy isn’t clear enough.

Ok, to cut a long story short I had to scrap it but then I researched the singer and found this.



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