Saturday 12 December 2015

The bsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (twelve)

Talking of mouth organs…

As one does…

Doesn’t Sam Baker usually figure somewhere in the “Thingy”?

I'm not sure i see the connection, but It’s funny that you should ask – he’s been a constant.

Not EXACTLY a constant  - he didn’t make the first ever BitsnBobs Musical Christams Advent Calendar Thingy did he?

Let me check (editorial note t)…. No that’s right, but he figured TWICE in the second – once here (editorial note) and then again here (editorial note t) AND he figured in the third Thingy here (editorial note t).

He usually turns up early in the roll I believe.

That’s true. But it's not the roll... it's the rock. What’s the date?


Bit late this year then.

I thought i should point it out.


You're welcome.

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