Saturday, 12 December 2015

The bsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (twelve)

Talking of mouth organs…

As one does…

Doesn’t Sam Baker usually figure somewhere in the “Thingy”?

I'm not sure i see the connection, but It’s funny that you should ask – he’s been a constant.

Not EXACTLY a constant  - he didn’t make the first ever BitsnBobs Musical Christams Advent Calendar Thingy did he?

Let me check (editorial note t)…. No that’s right, but he figured TWICE in the second – once here (editorial note) and then again here (editorial note t) AND he figured in the third Thingy here (editorial note t).

He usually turns up early in the roll I believe.

That’s true. But it's not the roll... it's the rock. What’s the date?


Bit late this year then.

I thought i should point it out.


You're welcome.

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