Friday, 6 November 2015

The Thirteenth Part of 'Across the Morning Sky'.

always look on....

So… what next?

Well, I’m going eat a burger, drive back, sleep on the floor again, get up and walk across the cliffs.

Don’t jump.

Don't fret - there’ll be someone there to talk me out of it.


Anonymous said...

... the bright side of life.

popps said...

And .... interestingly enough (in my opinion at least)...... by saying that, you have inadvertently (perhaps) won yourself the first point to be attributed in the yet-to-be announced Quiz of The Year 2015!
Hidden this year in the captions of SOME of the photos published lie hidden bits of songs.
The GRAND PRIZE this year is an individual tea-thingy for making a cuppa.
It's in the form of a miniature yellow duck - like you would see in a bath perhaps - that floats in your mug of tea.