Monday, 30 November 2015

One day out of Life.

turn this world around

I think we’re done.

With November – I am.

Me too – what did you want to say yesterday when we decided to sleep on it?

Next year.

Next year? What about next month?

I thought you said it was time again for a Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy.

That’s December.

That’s tomorrow.

November’s done with?

I am – what about you?

I suppose so – so what about next year?

Did you want me to be here?

You’re always welcome.

That may be so, but what’s up your sleeve? I mean, this year we have been having a whole year dialogue, we’ve added blue borders, we introduced editorial notes – T, X and F.

There might have been another..

I’ve forgotten.

I’ll look.

So – that word again – what do you think?

I might try a yellow border.


No, that’s not all – I hope at least to explain the Editorial Note Fs.

Ah – the future links that exist but don’t. So you won’t be needing me?

I always need you – it’s just that we won’t be having these fireside chats every day.

That might be an idea – really fireside chats.

Only when we light a fire?

For example.

So you could have a holiday.

It would be nice.

There’s that word again – conspicuous by its absence.

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