Saturday, 28 November 2015

Fat geese.

high c

Did you look down the back of the sofa?

Of course! The first place!

In the bread bin? You’re always putting things in there.

Only bread.

Not true – you hid the chocolate there last week.

An error, I’ve got a better hiding place now.

Did you look in the fridge – I found your glasses in there once?

Yes. Not there.

The pocket of your coat? – Always worth a look.


Under your pillow?


On the desk!! I bet it’s on the desk! EVERYTHING is on the desk! (editorial note t)

I looked on the desk.


Not there.

Under the cat? In the box of unforgotten lost memories? At the top of the stairs? At the bottom of the stairs? Halfway up the stairs?

Is the place that I sit… no, not even there.

Where or where on earth DID you find it then?

I DIDN’T find it.


I tried.

Why didn’t you say so before?

You didn’t ask me.

I did.

No you didn’t  - you said; “Did you look down the back of the sofa?, and I replied that I had.

You are being very annoying; pedantic to say the least.



Pragmatic – hey, let’s call the whole thing off.

So how did you post this picture?

I bought a new one.

An early Christmas present?

It’s coming.

The goose is getting fat.

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