Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Across the Morning Sky- extra!

bright spells later

Two bobble hats.

Two breakfasts!

Poached egg and avocado on toast.

And a rain hat.

Black tights and doc martins.


Amy’s café.


Mary said...

You are in Eastbourne? at Amy's Café? This is where your Aunt lives. Are you there still sorting things out? It's been hectic so have lost the thread of what's going on.

How is your Aunt?

How are you and your sister faring in all of this?

I think I mentioned before I visited Eastbourne, long time ago, in 1981 or 2, whenever the Falklands debacle was on. I walked the pier, bought a beautiful hat in the Galleria area, then onto see Beachy Head. Then we drove along the coast to Portsmouth where we had fish 'n chips [wrapped in newspaper] while we watched the ship that had just arrived at the Harbour with Prince Andrew -- fresh from the 'War'. Lots of P&C and media there to greet him. Memorable Day. Next day stopped at Windsor Castle and then onto Stonehenge.

I know - such typical tourist stuff! But what was a 20-something tourist to do?


popps said...

Wrapped in Newspaper!!!!!!
Those were the days....