Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Across the morning sky


That was nice.

Yes, I thought he might have asked us to leave.

What exactly did he say?

Ask around.

Did you?

Well, I asked the one other person on the bus; and then the guy who got on at the next stop.

No luck?

Ha! The word pariah sprang to their eyes.

He would have let you travel for free.

He was a decent guy.

So you got to the airport in time?

Bright and early, time to have a croissant and a coffee, send a text, and and e-mail, read a bit of the paper and write a post.

This one?

No, this started on the plane when they made an announcement that one of the cabin staff was in civilian clothes.


They thought we should know.

No, I mean why did this person have civilian clothes?

She was travelling home as a passenger, someone else was sick at the last moment and she stepped in.

They gave her a fluorescent green reflective cyclist’s jacket to help her stand out.


She was. Did you notice the sunrise the other day?

Not if you’re going to ask me for a link.

I bet you’ve got one though eh, to a sunset?

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