Saturday, 5 September 2015

This way lies madness

how it could be

So your aunt has moved into a home?

BEEN moved into a home.

And you’re in the home with your sister? (editorial note t)

No, I’m in HER home.

Your sister’s home is a black hole?

No my aunt’s home is a black hole.

The one she’s in?

No that’s “A” home; me and my sister are in “HER” home.

Your sister and I.

I didn’t see you.

I wasn’t there.

You just said you were.

No I wasn’t; clearly you would have seen me.

Ha! I couldn’t even see my sister.

Why not?



Boxes of jumpers.

How many?

Jumpers or boxes?


Hang on…. Well in this box about fifty. And in the box ontop of this one about 60.

That’s 110; how many boxes are there?

Hang on… in this corner… about 10.

On top of each other?


And in that corner?

I can’t get to that corner.

Why not?

Because of these plastic bags.

What’s in the plastic bags?

Plastic bags?

Plastic bags.

Plastic bags with plastic bags?

Plastic bags, with plastic bags with plastic bags.

How old are these?

These date from the seventies, the ones on top the eighties, on top again we are in the nineties, then the ohsies.

Your aunt collected plastic bags?

And jumpers.


And envelopes.


No she tore the stamps off, they’re in those boxes in that corner.

What exactly are you doing?

Trying to get into her house.

(to be continued)

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